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Business development that's
big business smart and small business savvy.
Perfect for the way YOU do business.

FIRST, we Listen.  THEN we ADVISE.

Speaking Engagements

Karen Pisciotta has given talks on cash flow, marketing, business development, business plans, market positioning and competition, and more.

In May 2016 Karen delivered her talk "Big Business Smarts / Small Business Savvy" on how small business owners can use the business practices large companies employ every day to build and grow their businesses.  This presentation was part of The Circl's first Small Business Speaker Series.  Click the image to listen!

Why KQ Consulting?


We believe that the first step in helping you achieve your business goals is LISTENING.  What challenges do you face?  What keeps you awake at night? What is holding you back?  What resources do you need to launch / build / grow your business?

After learning about you and your business we work with you to devise a strategy for growth and marshal the resources you need to make it happen.  We stay with you each step of the way, adjusting the plan as situations arise and you execute your plan.

In short, your business is as unique as you are; it deserves a unique approach to achieve success.  Our approach is specifically tailored to you, your business, and your needs.