Business development that's
big business smart and small business savvy.
Perfect for the way YOU do business.

You have a BUSINESS.  We have YOUR STRATEGY.

Advice & Accountability

We listen first, then provide advice based on your business challenges.  And we stay with you to help you execute and ensure success.

Decisions & Discipline

We strongly believe that the key to success is making sound decisions and having the discipline to follow through.  We'll help you every step of the way.


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Clear Communications

Whether you're talking to one person or 100, customers or investors, we help you get your message across.

Expert Analysis

Whether you're trying to get a handle on your cash flow or how you stack up against the competition, we analyze the situation and help you find your advantage! 

KQ Consulting

KQ Consulting works with private and publicly traded companies and non-profit organizations on initiatives including strategic planning, financial modeling, competitive analyses, media outreach, and more.

Karen Q. Pisciotta, President

With a combination of financial and communications experience, Karen Pisciotta has helped executives and entrepreneurs define their businesses for clients, potential investors, strategic partners, and other constituents.  Karen's advice has been instrumental in helping executives and small business owners alike articulate their business strategies, influence the perception of their businesses, and develop key relationships.